Tips For Creating Smokin’ Recipes

  • Wright’s® Liquid Smoke should always be used sparingly as the flavor is very concentrated. Moderation is key as adding too much Wright’s® Liquid Smoke can overpower your dish. Start with a few drops and go from there. You can always add more Wright’s® Liquid Smoke to a dish, but once you add it you can’t take it away!
  • Measure carefully when adding Wright’s® Liquid Smoke. When adding Wright’s® Liquid Smoke to a measuring spoon, never measure over a dish that you’re adding the Wright’s® Liquid Smoke to in case you accidentally overpour. Measure over a small dish and then pour from the measuring spoon into your dish.
  • Store Wright’s® Liquid Smoke in a cool, dark place. Be sure to seal the bottle tightly to both preserve the flavor and prevent leaks if the bottle falls.
  • Wright’s® Liquid Smoke can be used in a variety of ways:
    • It can be diluted with water, oil or vinegar and brushed directly on foods before cooking.
    • It can incorporated into dishes before or during cooking. Like hamburgers, chili or macaroni and cheese

How To Fire-Up Your Everyday Recipes

  • Wright’s® Liquid Smoke can be used as a substitute for bacon and smoky flavor in vegan recipes.
  • Add a few drops of Wright’s® Liquid Smoke to your favorite cocktail. We like to use it in Old Fashions, Bloody Mary’s or Margaritas.
  • Add a few drops of Wright’s® Liquid Smoke on your graham crackers when making s’mores for an authentic campfire flavor.
  • Make your own smoked nuts by adding a few drops of Wright’s® Liquid Smoke along with salt and spices, then roast.
  • Brush Wright’s® Liquid Smoke on the outside of beef or turkey burgers before grilling or broiling.
  • Brush Wright’s® Liquid Smoke on meat, pork or chicken before cooking.
  • Add Wright’s® Liquid Smoke to your favorite slow cooker recipes for an added layer of flavor.
  • Brush Wright’s® Liquid Smoke on bread or tortillas when making grilled cheese or quesadillas.
  • Add a few drops of Wright’s® Liquid Smoke to cheesy dishes like macaroni and cheese or queso.

Versatile Uses & Flavor Enhancements

  • Ways to Use: Wright’s® Liquid Smoke is most popularly used by applying it to meats like steaks, burgers, chicken, or even deli meat. It can also be stirred into stews, fondue, crockpot recipes, soups, and as an extra seasoning for your sauces or marinades.

  • Why Liquid Smoke: Wright’s® Liquid Smoke is amazing for adding more depth and complexity to flavors when there may not be access to an authentic grilled taste. You’ll find that Liquid Smoke really adds value when cooking burgers or steaks indoors, especially when the weather may be too cold to grill outside.

  • Strong and Satisfying Flavor: Wright’s® Liquid Smoke is potent and extremely concentrated, with a delicious, authentic flavor. If you find it too strong, a popular alternative for customers is to dilute it with water or vinegar to balance the strength.

  • Surprise Your Taste Buds: Add a few drops of Wright’s® Liquid Smoke to your favorite salty-sweet desserts like caramels, for a unique and fantastic profile of flavors. Even add it to cocktails like an old fashioned to give classics a smoky twist!

  • A Holiday Recipe Staple: Use Wright’s® Liquid Smoke to liven up your next holiday meal; it is amazing when added into turkey brines or brushed onto honey baked ham!

Smokin’ Recipes

Add a rich, smoky flavor to any meal from dinner to desert and more! All without using a smoker.